"Master Your Computer 5 Day Challenge" Presented by Beth Koenig and Sign Tech Support

The Fastest Way to

Master Your Computer

in 5 Days Without Tech Overwhelm

or Frustration

Join us for a transformative experience starting on

February 19th, 2024!

🌟 Are you ready to master your computer in DAYS, not months?


Implement what you learn, and you'll see EXCELLENT RESULTS in no time.

About Your Coach

Beth Koenig

A Tech Genius with a Heart for Accessibility

My journey in the realm of technology began in a household where innovation was rooted in practicality. My father, a computer engineer by profession, brought home not just computers, but a world of practical technological solutions. This wasn't about the latest gadgets; it was about harnessing technology to solve real-life challenges. Growing up in this environment, I quickly earned the title of 'tech genius' among my friends and family, adept at navigating and fixing complex technological issues.

While my skills in technology were apparent, my heart was drawn towards a more humanitarian path. I immersed myself in the field of helping people with sensory impairments, where I uncovered the transformative power of assistive technology. This experience wasn't just about technology; it was about making technology accessible and meaningful, breaking down barriers and opening new avenues for communication and interaction.

The pandemic shed light on a broader challenge: a world grappling with digital adaptation. Here, I recognized a profound opportunity to leverage my expertise as a 'tech genius' to a wider audience. My deep understanding of both the complexities of technology and the nuances of accessibility positioned me uniquely to empower others in their digital journey.

Through the "Master Your Computer 5 Day Challenge," I bring to you a blend of my deep technical acumen and my passion for making technology approachable and inclusive. This challenge is an invitation to explore the potential of technology in your life and work, breaking down the intimidation factor and transforming it into a tool for empowerment and creativity.

🌟 Why This Challenge?

You've been trying, but something's missing.

That's where this CHALLENGE steps in! In just 5 days, I'll help you lay a solid foundation to effectively use your computer for your business and personal needs.

⚙️ Each Day, You'll Gain Hands-On Skills:

Setting Up Your Computer: Get started with the essentials.

Getting Organized: Learn to manage files, links, and more efficiently.

Mastering Your Keyboard: Boost your typing and productivity.

Effective Communication: Master Gmail, Google Meet, and Calendar.

Safe Internet Practices: Learn to navigate the web securely.

🌈 Take the Challenge to

Master Your Computer

Join us for a 5-day journey that will challenge your perceptions and leap years ahead in tech skills.

🕒 Commitment:

1-2 hours per day for 5 days.

Achieve tangible results each day!

🎓 Final Outcome:


You'll have a comprehensive system to MANAGE YOUR COMPUTER confidently.

👥 This Class Is Ideal For:

Anyone struggling with computers

Especially those wanting to use technology for business.

👇👇👇Real People We Helped 👇👇👇


In this LIVE challenge, you'll discover simple yet effective strategies for computer mastery that you never knew existed.

Step-by-step training, practical assignments, Q&A sessions, and personalized feedback await you!

Day 1:

Setting Up Your Computer

Dive into the essentials of Google Chrome, learn how to manage your Google account, and understand basic online security.

Day 2:

Getting Organized

Master Google Drive for file storage and organization, efficiently use Chrome bookmarks, and more.

Day 3:

Mastering Your Keyboard

Boost your typing skills, learn essential keyboard shortcuts, and delve deeper into Google Docs functionalities.

Day 4:

Dealing with Communications

Advance your skills in Gmail, Google Meet, and Calendar for professional communication and scheduling.

Day 5:

Where We Go From Here

Learn critical internet safety tips, explore Chrome's privacy features, and plan your continued learning journey.

A Live 5 Day Challenge on Mastering Your Computer

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